Meet Wyatt


Wyatt is a sweet, loving, and affectionate little boy. He loves all the things little boys love, cars, legos, pirates, making messes, being a daredevil, and playing outside. But he is not your typical 2 year old boy.

Wyatt suffers from a very rare disease called FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) that affects every single aspect of his life. FPIES is a rare immune and gastrointestinal food allergy that in him causes profuse vomiting to shock, bloody diarrhea, lethargy, skin breakdown, GI bleeding, low temperature, low blood pressure, trouble breathing, hypovolemic shock, screaming fits for hours, black eyes (called allergy shiners), extreme constipation (obstipation), severe acid reflux, and paralyzed GI tract.

Wyatt currently has no safe foods to eat, and his formula that sustains him, also makes him extremely ill. Even one bite of food makes him incredibly ill for about 2 weeks. His body has been in a lot of distress because of food, and has started to cause many other big problems in his body including: severe asthma, compromised immune system, failure to thrive, and developmental delays.

In his short life he has been hospitalized 3 times (over a week each time), had countless ER visits, and 3 surgeries. Despite all of this, Wyatt remains a happy and affectionate little boy. He does not let this disease get him down, and he stays happy in spite of his near constant pain.

Currently Wyatt sees at least one of his team of doctors a week, and has had every test imaginable. He continues to get sicker the older that he gets, and has seen every available doctor in our state. We have been able to find a specialist out of state that has agreed to see Wyatt, we hope he has the answers to help us get Wyatt better.

We ask you to pray for Wyatt, whenever you get the chance. We know that there is so much power in prayer, and the faith of others, no matter your faith.

For a more detailed post about Wyatt, see this post 🙂


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