Hi! Wyatt’s mom here,

I am in tears tonight as I checked the stats on the blog.  What I thought would be a silly little update blog for family and close friends, has turned into so much more.  Just today, there has been nearly 1000 views. I have already had several emails from people who saw my facebook friends posts that shared this blog, and made them wonder if this was something their child was suffering from.  This is a lot of why we decided it was so important to share Wyatt’s story.  We searched and searched for 2 years to find out what was happening to our son. We were dropped by doctors, and had no where else to look.  We knew if we could help even one family get help for their child, this would all be worth it. 

I never want a parent to have to go through what we have had to go through to get help for our son. I never want any child to go through the hell Wyatt went through to get help.  Please share his story. Help his struggle mean something. Help his fight be worth something, and help someone else.  You never know who this will reach, and how long they have been searching.


Much love, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for loving our boy, and sharing his story. 


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